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  Essays on the History of the Jews of Ukraine (for high school students) // Editors - L. Finberg and V. Lubchenko Ц Kiev, 2005. - 440 pages. ISBN 066-378-000-2
This is a joint project with the Anna Frank Museum (Holland). This book is a manual for high school students as well as all those who are interested in the two-thousand-year-long history and culture of the Jewish people in the vast territories, often bearing different fates. These lands are now part of Ukraine.
The УEssaysФ are written in a popular form and language. They are based upon the best achievements of the classical and modern historiography: Jewish (including Israeli and North-American), Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian. The reader is presented with an objective approach and contextual disclosure of different phenomena and facts of the Jewish history and culture.
Mikhail Mitsel. Jews of Ukraine in 1943Ц1953: Essays of Documented History // Scientific editor V. Lubchenko Ц Kiev 2004. Ц 362 pages. ISBN 966-7888-72-’
The book contains documented essays on the history of the Jews of Ukraine in the last decade of the Stalin era (anti-Semitic incidents and processes in 1943-1945, emigration and migration, persecution of representatives of creative intellectuals, repressions of the punitive bodies, the image of the Jewish people in the mentality and mythology, "doctors' case", etc.). These documents, most of which are published for the first time, are an overwhelming proof of the abnormal social atmosphere of those times; they explain the roots of the anti-Semitic policy of the Soviet state.
The book is for historians, students, and a wide circle of readers Ц all those who are interested in this complicated period of history.
Alek D. Epstein. Wars and Diplomacy. Arab-Israeli Conflict in the ’’ century /Editor L. Finberg Ц Kiev 2003. Ц 216 pages. ISBN 966-7888-43-6
¬ книге ј. Ёпштейна представлена истори€ арабо-израильского противости€ни€ в ’’ веке. ќписаны поиски политического компромисса в ѕалестине в период британского мандата, война за Ќезависимость и борьба »зраил€ за право на существование в конце 40х годов. ќписаны этапы войн и перемирий на Ѕлижнем ¬остоке во второй половине века, вплоть до рубежа тыс€челетий.
Redlih Sh. Together and Separately in Berezhany / Translated from English by N. Velbovets Ц Kiev 2002. Ц 325 pages. ISBN 966-7888-37-1
This book is a unique attempt of the author to research the events that took place in Eastern Galicia and in his home town of Berezhany in the period between 1919 and 1945. He tries to look at them not only with the eyes of a person who being a child experienced the fears of war and Holocaust, but also with the eyes of other participants in this drama Ц the Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, and Germans. This is not just a thorough historical research of complicated relations between ethnic groups, not only memories of the peaceful УangelicФ pre-war times, of the tragic period of the Nazi occupation and atrocities of NKVDists during the rule of the Soviets. This is also a search for the good and humane in men, for clarification of what turns men into beasts. The author of the book, Professor Shimon Redlih is one of the few Jews from the East-Galician town of Berezhany who managed to survived in those hard hours, which was due to the Ukrainian family of Kontsevich and the Polish family of Kodogny. The author was brave enough to return to the past and tell us about it.
Honigsman Y. Charity of Jews of Eastern Galicia /Editor M. Feller. Jointly with the Institute of Social-Communal Workers of УJoint", director B. Zabarko Ц Kiev 2002. Ц 86 pages. ISBN 966-7273-25-3
The book examines the history of Jewish charity and institutions involved in it in Eastern Galicia from the time of Jewish settlement there until nowadays. The author shows the role of charity in the everyday life of the Jewish community.
The book is designed for all those who are interested in the history of the Jews of Ukraine and the history of humanitarian ideas and projects.
Marten Feller. On Those of Us who are Great in Spirit: Essays on Ukrainian Jewish Studies. Ц Lvov, 2001. Ц 126 pages. ISBN 966-7445-86-06
The name of the author of this book, Doctor of Philology, Marten Feller, is now famous throughout Ukraine as that of a researcher and publicist, an expert in the study of Ukrainian-Jewish relations.
Introducing the term УUkrainojudaicaФ into circulation, on the basis of unique historical and literary facts, the author shows representatives of two nations Ц figures truly Great in Spirit who for the whole life, living in and outside Ukraine, devoted their work to the development of cultural relations between the nations and enrichment of ethnic heritage and human values. The book speaks about Metropolitan Sheptytsky, Yosyp Slipy, founder of Chassidism Baal Shem Tov, Ivan Franko and his hero Vagman, Vladimir Zhabotinsky, Ivan Ogienko, and ordinary Ukrainians who risked their lives to rescue the Jewish people who were persecuted by the fascists.
Metelnytsky R. Some Pages of Jewish Buildings in Lutsk. Ц  iev, 2001. Ц 178 pages.
ISBN 966-72-73-16-4
On the basis of his long studies of town-building architecture Ц from libraries, archives, and natural resources Ц the author presents little-known or absolutely unknown moments of the history of Lutsk. To the changing panorama of the Lutsk architecture throughout centuries, the author added even those objects that have been lost forever. He came to the conclusion: "The Jewish component of the Lutsk lower-middle class formed the characteristics of the city architecture, at times unnoticeably and at other times Ц very noticeably and even decisively".
Skuratovsky V. Problem of the Authorship of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" /Editor M. Petrovsky Ц Kiev 2001. Ц 240 pages. ISBN 966-72-73-12-1
The book contains a textological analysis of the "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and other works of their probable author. The author's identity is convincingly shown in the styles, world outlook, and ideology. The book presents a complete concept of the origin, historical role, principles of political use and falsification of history in this unfortunately popular anti-Semitic book. See full text (rus)
"Documents collected by the Jewish historic-archeographic commission of the National Academy of Sciences. Kiev: The Institute of Jewish Studies; Jerusalem: Gesharim - 1999.
Composer and author of comments V.Khiterer.
Jews and Slavs, v. 7 JEWS AND EASTERN SLAVS. Essays on intercultural relations. Jerusalem-Kyiv. /Editors V. Moskovich, L. Finberg, M. Feller Ц Kiev 2000. Ц 343 pages. ISBN 966-7273-13-’
The collection includes articles by almost 20 from different countries of the world who turn to the subject of Jewish-Slav relations. The seventh issue (the second one in the "Jews and Ukrainians" series) includes mostly reports presented at the International Conference "Jerusalem in Slavic Cultures".
Documents collected by the Jewish Historical-Archeographical Commission of the All-Ukraine Academy of Sciences: Collection of documents. // Compiler and author of commentaries V. Khiterer. Ц  иев: Jewish Studies Institute; Jerusalem: Gesharim, 1999. Ц 296 pages. ISBN 5-93273-003-’
The author presents a unique collection of documents that reflect various aspects of the life of Jews of Ukraine from the middle of the XVI century (in the territories that were part of the Russian Empire, Poland, and the Ukrainian People's Republic). Almost all the documents in the collection were gathered by the Jewish Historical-Archeographical Commission of the All-Ukraine Academy of Sciences (1919-1929) and, with insignificant exception, have never been published before. For a long time these documents were considered lost.
The book also contains articles of the compiler on the Jewish Historical-Archeographical Commission, Tver' tzadikim, and others.
Map of Jewish Addresses of Kyiv / Compiler and author of texts M. Kalnytsky, designer and artist Z. Chechik, artistic editor O. Shkolyarenko Ц Kiev 1998 ISBN 966-7273-03-2

It has a map of Kyiv with indication of places of synagogues and prayer houses, Jewish cemeteries, memorable places of the Jewish community, addresses of residence and activity of famous persons, museums, archives, libraries and modern buildings, portraits of the outstanding Jewish figures living in Kyiv and photos of the most remarkable buildings. The composer and author of the text is M.Kalnytsky, Author of the layout and design is Z.Chechyk, art. editor is O.Shkolyarenko.

Mitsel M. Jewish Religious Communities in Ukraine (Kiev, Lvov: 1945-1981) Ц Kiev 1998. Ц261 pages.
ISBN 966-7273-07-5
Documents collected by the Jewish historic-archeographic com-mission after its liquidation were transferred to the Kyiv Central Historical Archive (later - Central State Historical Archive), where they are kept until now.
This publication also contains: introductory article on the Jewish historic-archeographic commission and documents collected by this commission, biographic references of its employees, scientific comments to the published documents.
It also contains documents on Jewish history from other funds of the Central State Archive of Ukraine in Kyiv, which thematically supplement the materials collected by the commission. See full text (rus)
M. Kalnytsky "Synagogue of the Kyiv Jewish Community. 5656-5756. Historical Review", 1997

The oldest Jewish center of Kyiv has always been the synagogue of the Jewish community (at 29, Schekavitskaya Street). Founded in 1896 due to the generosity of Kyiv patron of art G.-Y. Rozenberg, it was the first structure in Kyiv built in many years for the religious purposes of the Jews.

"Jews and Slavs, v. 5 JEWS AND UKRAINIANS/ Jerusalem 1996/Editor V. Moskovich, L. Finberg and others. Ц 301 pages. ISBN 965-421-001-6-1

The book unites authors from more than 20 countries of the world, writing about Jewish-Slavic relations. Issue 7 is the second one in the series on "Jews and Ukrainians", this time containing chiefly reports presented at the International Conference "Jerusalem in Slavic Cultures". Among its authors are Zinovii Antoniuk (Ukraine) - "Some "Auschwitz" Reflections in the Polish-Ukrainian Context", Moshe Taube (Jerusalem) "Genuine and Imaginary Jerusalem in East-Slavic Translations from Hebrew of the 15th century" and other European and Israeli scientists.

"Field of Despair and HopeФ /Editor and compiler R. Korogodsky Ц Kiev 1994. Ц 394 pages.
ISBN 5-7707-5350-1

This collection contains documentary materials, thoughts and reminiscences on the Ukrainian-Hebrew relations yesterday and today.
For the first time the work is published of active participant in the events of the Ukrainian national liberation fight of 1917-1920 V. Kedrovsky - the Chief Inspector of the UNR troops, that is, S. Petlura's deputy. For the first time our readers could learn about the memories of famous Jewish prisoners of conscience A. Vudka, Y. Suslensky, and M. Kheifets (a full reprint of his book "Ukrainian Silhouettes" is soon due to go out). Well-known Ukrainian dissident, former prisoner of the Soviet GULAG system Y. Sverstyuk talks about realization of the Ukrainian-Jewish relations.

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