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Zinoviy Tolkachev. Works from Museum and Private Collections. Album. Kiev: Duh i Litera, 2005 — 164 ñ.

Works of outstanding Ukrainian artist Z. Tolkachev (1903–1977) were closely connected with the main events of the Ukrainian and world historical-artistic process of the first half of the 50th century. Monumental wall paintings in the 1920s, posters and graphic papers, series of book illustrations and paintings created bright images of the epoch of the revolution, Civil War, the First World War. They became part of the artistic heritage not only of the Ukrainian, but of the world culture. Special place in the creative heritage of Tolkachev belongs to his unique graphic series of the 1940s, in which the artist depicted the tragedy of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

  Yakov Berdichevsky. “People of the Book” - K. Duh i Litera, 2005. – ISBN 966-72-73-46-6

The works of Berdichevsky show century-old organic ties between the Russian and Soviet Jews with the book, each time described with a different book symbol – ex-libris. Hundreds of book signs presented in the book are accompanied with the description of book collections that carried those signs (the volume and composition of the library, its characteristics and fate, the social status of its owner, his role in the science, culture, arts, etc.) The work covers almost two centuries of history: 19th and 20th centuries.


Yury Morozov. Jewish Cinematographers of Ukraine in 1910–1945 / Artistic design by P. Fishel, editor M. Petrovsky – Êiev, 2004. – 387 ñ. ISBN 966-7888-70-3
The book is a documentary story of Jewish cinematographers of 1910-1945 and the historical circumstances that influenced their works. The book first of all includes biographics of the cinematographers and comments to the most important events. The book is based upon rare photographs, fragments of newspaper and journal publications of those years, as well as documents and responses of the participants in these events and researchers of the Jewish cinematography.
Abram Manevich (Album of Reproductions). // Compiled by O. Zhbankova – Kiev 2003. – 28 pages. ISBN 966-7888-48-7
The path of famous master of paintings Abram Manevich (1881–1942) to today's viewers was a long one – he was well known before the Revolution, praised in the United States where he lived since 1922 and quietly half-forgotten in his homeland. Only in the past decade his works have been worthily presented in the exposition of the National Artistic Museum of Ukraine. This publication establishes Manevich's place in the history of Ukrainian paintings of the beginning of the XX century, presenting peculiarities of his works which brightly reflect the artistic search of his age and his signs of ethnic worldview.
Moses Loyev. The Stolen Muse. Reminiscences of the Kiev State Jewish Theater of Sholom-Aleichem. Kharkov-Kiev-Chernovtsy. 1925-1950. – Êiev, 2003. – 243 pages. ISBN 966-7273-34-2
The book of director Moses Loyev "The Stolen Muse" contains artistic and documentary reminiscences of the author about his dear Kiev State Jewish Theater of Sholom-Aleichem.
The theater was created in 1925 in Kharkov on the basis of the "Culture League" studio. In 1934, it was merged with the Kiev Jewish Theater. During the war, the theater was in evacuation and worked in Jambul, Kokanda, and Fergana. In the last five years (1945–50) the theater worked in Chernovtsy.
Work on this book was started in Chernovtsy in 1985. A journal version was prepared in 1988 for print in the Moscow literary journal “Sovetish Geimland”, but it was never published because of the author's departure to the States together with his family. The author added to his book new rare and interesting materials, stories about his meetings with people of the literary and theatrical world, essays, funny incidents, and a lot of illustrations.
Galina Sklyarenko. Yakim Levich: Painting at Crossroad of Times / Responsible for publication – K. Sigov, L. Finberg, photodesign by V. Khomenko – Kiev 2002. – 32 pages. ISBN 966-8273-24-5
This book is the first foundational publication devoted to the arts of one of the most unique artists of our underground movement of the 1960-1980-s – Kiev painter Yakim Levin. His paintings are deeply lyrical, marked with the author's special manner. They continue the tradition of Ukrainian arts, filling them with new experience. The works of the artist became known to the audience only in the post-Soviet times; in the book they are examined against the background of the life and development of Ukrainian arts of the second half of the ÕÕ century.
The book was recommended for print by the council of the Rylsky IMFE of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The book is part of the program of preparation of the new history of Ukrainian arts.

Beregovsky M. Purimshpils. Jewish Folk Musical-Theatrical Performances / Compiler Y. Beregovska – Êiev, 2001.– 646 pages. ISBN 966-7273-18-0
This publication became an outstanding event in the cultural life of Ukraine and among Jewish study researchers.
The book is the fifth and the most valuable volume of the fundamental work of Moses Beregovsky's whole life (1892–1961) – "Jewish Musical Folklore". Purimshpils are small dramas on Bible topics that are acted annually on Purim by amateur actors who went from house to house in villages and Jewish quarters of big towns in Western and Eastern Europe, beginning from the XV century. Moses Beregovsky, a tireless collector of folklore, during his expeditions in 1927–1939 to the villages and towns of Ukraine, Belarus and partly Russia, among other pearls of Jewish folk music also recorded 17 various versions of six purimshpils that were sung specifically for him.
Boris Lekar. Album of Reproductions / Project director L. Finberg, artist O. Shkolyarenko. — Êiev, 1999
The album of Boris Lekar contains 40 copies of the works of this formerly Kiev and now Jerusalem architect, sculptor and painter. They reflect the works of the artist from approximately the end of the 1960-s up to the middle of the 1990-s. The album contains copies of architectural-monumental compositions, sculptures, water-color paintings, still-lives, and oil paintings: portraits that almost shine from inside and object compositions, including a series of pictures on "Museum Antiquities of Israel", as well as great panoramas of ancient Judea.

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